9 Photos to inspire you to visit SRI LANKA!


The little tear drop shaped country at the bottom of India, it's small but full of adventure!
Welcoming smiles, lots of elephants, cheap and fun travel, fun depending on the way you look at it, the bus drivers are seriously fearless and kings of the road.
Relaxing hills of tea and delicious colorful food! 
And of course you already know about the stunning beaches.
Here is SOME of the Sri Lanka photos in the gallery! 

1. Beaches!

2. There's also nice inland lakes

3. Busy busy market's in Colombo

4. Early fish markets

5. Grab some fresh coconuts!

6. Big wholesale vegetable markets!

7. A mix of religions like this Mosque

8. And a Hindu temple 

9. And most day's end with beauty sky's 

To view the whole ASIA collection click here.

Never stop exploring!


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