After Sunset, Paris France - Travel wall art prints by Edwin Datoc Gallery

After Sunset, Paris France

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Perhaps rivaled only by Venice as the city that's even more photogenic and dreamlike after dusk than it is during the day, Paris also boasts a remarkably diverse nightlife scene. Not only are there a variety of free or relatively inexpensive things to do at night in the French capital, but it's also a city that caters to all ages, interests, and preferred styles. If students and 20-somethings prefer Berlin and New York for their high-energy clubbing scenes, and London is best for pubs and world-class theatre, Paris is less of a specialist. People may tend to associate Parisian nights out either with traditional cancan dancing or chic clubs populated by intimidating fashionistas, but the truth is that there are plenty of experiences to be had that fall entirely outside those familiar cliches. Whether you're angling for a good glass of wine on a terrace overlooking the softly lit streets, or are in for a whole night's worth of wild clubbing, there's something for everyone.