Street Children, Manila Philippines - Travel wall art prints by Edwin Datoc Gallery

Street Children, Manila Philippines

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According to a 1998 report titled "Situation of the Youth in the Philippines", there were about 1.5 million street children in the Philippines.

In Tondo, Manila's largest slum, children root around in the rubbish, looking for old chicken to boil and eat.

Life in Tondo, an area that more than 100,000 people call home, centres around a dump where families make what living they can by sorting through the rubbish to find anything to sell.

Twice a week, a colourful truck approaches the children. On those two days, they know they're going to be able to enjoy a fresh, hot meal.

As young as three, they run to gather around the staff from Bahay Tuluyan, a non-profit organisation that brings food to the slum and other impoverished areas.

Some of the children help carry the large vats of food to a concrete room where they wait impatiently for staff to set up.